The best baby shampoo


This is my personal favorite baby shampoo and the only one I use. It’s Shea Moisture’s Baby Wash & Shampoo. I like the raw shea chamomile and argon oil one. Its got a relaxing smell and made with actual natural products. They make other scents too, but so far this is my fave.

At first I though this was a bit pricey for soap. When we were preparing for my first one I had a really hard time justifying the price. We had just spent so much money on all the other baby products we needed. Seriously, one amazon order had cost us over $1,000. ( we got all of our “essentials”, crib, car seat, stroller, carrier, organic mattress) But it was to finish off our registry which gave us a 10% discount off, so we saved $100 dollars.

So the 10 dollars for a bottle of soap was kinda steep, since now we had no money. But I bought it, because it was one of the only ones I could find at the time with decent looking ingredients. I was not disappointed. The first bottle we had lasted over a year. Granted, this is because I used only a pea sized amount on a washcloth, and I only used soap on my baby once a week or so. Its not good for baby’s skin to wash more than that. Now that I have a toddler and an infant, we go through it a lot faster. Especially because toddlers get so much stickier than babies, meaning we bath a whole lot more.

My favorite part is that I can feel good using it, because its got a score of 1 on the EWG’s cosmetic data base. This ranks products based on the hazardous level of their ingredients. This product has an almost perfect score. If you compare this score to lets say… Johnson’s baby wash, you’ll see that Shea Moisture wash wins by a landslide. (Johnson’s baby wash had a score of 4, which is categorized as “moderately hazardous”.)

Seriously, this is the best baby shampoo I can find in stores. Did I mention it smells A-maze-ing!

If you’re looking for non-soap option for those in between soap baths, try an herbal bath for your baby.



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