Hindu Baby Names that are Gorgeous & Unique

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Here are our favorite Unique and Beautiful Hindu Baby Names. Some of these Baby Names are Unisex Hindu names, while others are uniquely boy or girl specific names. Check out the full list.

The Hindu people put a lot of thought into naming their baby’s.

They choose names for their children that will help them live a moral life.

Many of the names portray divine qualities.

Many Hindu baby names reflect ancient holy people, saints and wise sages, and some are even named after their gods themselves.

With so many parents looking for unique and strong names for their children, these Hindu baby names would make a great choice for first or middle names, even for Non-Hindu parents.



Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names

Every Hindy name is meaningful. If you are looking for a strong, powerful baby boy name, these are a few great options.

Adrisa (Lord of the Mountains)
Biren (Great Warrior)
Jayin (Conqueror)
Nayakan (Hero)
Nirek (Superior)
Ojayit (Courageous)
Paranjoy (Conqueror of Life)
Paramjit (Heroic)
Ranjiv (Victorious)
Sabal (With strength)
Sahasya (Mighty)
Savir (Leader)


Baby Boy Hindu Names With Royal Meanings

Adhiraj (King)
Akhilesh (Lord & master)
Bhupal (King)
Birendra (King of warriors)
Hemen (The King of gold)
Hiresh (King of precious stones)
Iravan (King of ocean)
Kanvar (Prince)


Other Beautiful Hindu Boy Names

Other names with meaningful translations include:

Aashish (Blessing)
Bijoy (Full of joy)
Chiman (Curious)
Deep (Light)
Ekagrah (Focused)
Gandhik (Fragrance)
Hardik (Full of love)
Jawahar (Gem)
Mitrajit (Friendly)
Navrang (Colorful)
Paran (Life)
Rasul (Angel)
Sadhil (Perfect)
Tuhin (Snowy)
Umang (Desire)
Vatsa (Son)
Yamir (Moon)


Unique Hindu Baby Girl Names

The Hindus have equally beautiful baby girl names. Many with nature associations such as flowers and gems. These names are:

Prithika (Flower)
Reena (Gem)
Samali (Bouquet)
Taj (Crown/Jewel)
Vainavi (Gold)
Vanalika (Sunflower)


Hindu Space Names for Baby Girls

Anamitra (The sun)
Arundhati (Star)
Bhumika (Earth)
Bhuvi (Heaven)
Chandrika (Moon)
Dhara (Earth)
Indulekha (Moon)


Other Pretty Hindu Names for Girls

Alpana (Beautiful)
Bimala (Pure)
Chahna (Love)
Devanshi (Divine)
Fulki (Spark)
Grishma (Warmth)
Ipsita (Desire)
Kala (Art)
Lalima (Beauty)
Mitali (Friendly)
Nirali (Different)
Panchali (Princess)
Sarayu (Wind)
Usha (Dawn)
Venya (Lovable)


Unisex Hindu Baby Names

If your looking for unisex Hindu names here are a few of the prettiest ones:

Ambika (Goddess Parvati)
Bhaumi (Goddess Sita)
Banke (Lord Krishna)
Devkumar (Son of God)
Hemavati (Goddess Parvati)
Hiranya (Lord Vishnu)
Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth)
Nadiy (Holy place)
Narayan (Lord Vishnu)
Parvati (Goddess)
Rishi (Sage)
Sara (Goddess of Sound)

There are many gorgeous Hindu baby names to choose from that would make great names for your baby.

If you are not Hindu though, you may want to check with someone who is for the exact pronunciation of a name.


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