The Mama Natural Birth Course Review

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This is my personal review of the Mama Natural Birth Course. I am no stranger to online birthing courses and have taken several for personal and professional reasons. Here’s my take on the Popular Natural birthing course. 

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What is the Mama Natural Birth Course?

The Mama Natural Birth Course is an online birthing course that focuses on helping pregnant mama’s get ready for a natural birth physically, emotionally and spiritually.

There are several courses that take you through preparing for a natural birth, which consists of a mix of video and PDF downloads. 

I love the video parts because it feels like you are sitting around talking with friends. 

mama natural birth course still

They are interesting to listen to, and more importantly NOT BORING. 

I can’t stress how important that part is.

I have taken a birthing course in the past that I literally just couldn’t get through because watching the videos were so… boring.


What Will You Learning in the Mama Natural Birth Course

There is a lot of info in the Mama Natural Birth Class. 

To make it simple, the most important aspects you’ll learn are:

  • The stages of labor and birth
  • How to reduce your pain and cope better during labor
  • What your partner can do to help you during your birth
  • How to increase your chances of having a natural birth vs. a C-section.

I’d also like to mention they have a bonus chapter on breastfeeding AND how to have a vaginal birth after a c-section.


Each Week a Guided Natural Birth “Homework Assignment”

This part is really cool. All 8 classes feature a video with exercises you should be doing for that week.

These mini-video sessions go through 2 parts.

1. A Birth Exercise

This is an actual physical exercise that helps prepare your body for the physical marathon of birthing.

It also helps you figure out what positions will help you most during labor.

Mama Natural class exercise still


2. A comfort measure

The comfort measures help give you and your birthing partner positions and tools to help make birthing more comfortable and less painful. 

mama natural birth course practice session still

By physically making you go through the actions, you’ll be better prepared, and actually remember what to do when the birth day comes!


Lots of Printable PDFs

The course is mostly video. 

This is good as you can find an hour or so a week and pop on the video. 

However, there are lots of PDF printables that go along with the course. 

For example, in the first chapter of the Mama Natural Birth Course, there’s a printable worksheet to help you get in the mental game of a natural birth and figure out your why’s.

The second chapter includes a printable pregnancy meal plan that makes getting the right nutrition so much easier.

Another section has printable interview sheets so you know what to ask your potential midwife or doula.


Lots of Inspiring Natural Birth Videos

I don’t know about you, but when I was pregnant, I loved watching pregnant mom’s go through their natural births!

It was so empowering to watch them go through all the stages and normalize the birthing experience. 

There are lots of natural birth videos to watch throughout the course to help you feel empowered too!


Bonuses Included in the Birth Course:

Of course, all good things come with fun bonuses. My favorite part of the bonus section is the little package you get sent to your home!

It comes with super cute birth affirmation cards and a pretty bracelet reminding you to breathe!

You can also download the affirmation cards as an app on your phone, which is great to go through when you are out but need a little reconnection time with your baby during your pregnancy.

Birthing Affirmations

With the course comes a few really cool bonuses too. 

I was surprisingly impressed with the downloadable audio birth affirmations. There are 2 to choose from, a secular version and a scripture version based on your preference for finding spiritual grounding. 

They are both so calming and peaceful and help you focus on building your emotional connection with your baby through positive thoughts. 

Prenatal Workout Video

There is also a 50-minute long prenatal yoga/workout video that focuses on getting your body stretched and conditioned for an easier birth. 

Natural Labor Playbook

This is actually pretty cool. It’s a downloadable ebook that shows you (and your birth partner) quickly what’s going on through each stage of labor. 

It would be a great way for your husband or birth partner to figure out the best way to help you through each stage, like what to expect, what positions work best, what mama should be doing now, and what partner should be doing now.

I love things broken down into simple steps when everything starts to get real!


My Mama Natural Birth Course Review

Overall, I really liked the Mama Natural Birth Course. It gives you all the information you need on having a great natural birth, and how to cope physically, mentally and spiritually.

Geneive and Maura are passionate, likable and interesting to learn from. And it’s obvious they know what they are talking about.

You can’t really wrong with taking this course. 

I also really loved the physical birth affirmation cards. So pretty and really help to get mama in the right mindset for a natural birth.

Make sure to check out everything the course has to offer and read all of the other mama natural birth course reviews on the front page!

mama natural birth course review

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