Kopa birth course review. A seriously awesome natural birth course.

Kopa Birth Class Review: Is it worth it??

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This is my personal review of the Kopa Birth class. I have taken several birthing courses for both personal reasons, and for professional ones. Let’s see how this particular one compares.

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I recently got to take an in-depth look at the Kopa Birth Class for natural births.

I am a bit of a natural birth fan and have had 2 of my own. Having a natural birth is pretty empowering, and an experience that I think that lots of moms should aim to try at least once (if medically safe, of course.)

Ok, let’s get on to the review, and see if this course could help you.


What does Kopa Birth Focus on?

I’m going to go ahead and tell you right now, that I got super excited while going through this class. Mostly because she addresses a huge factor in the birthing process that every single mom has in common.


Fear of pain. Fear of complications. Fear of the unknown.

It’s almost always the number one factor in why many women opt out of a natural birth. (With exception of medical issues.)

That fear is what causes birth to be so uncomfortable, and downright painful at times.

But the Kopa Birth course teaches you awesome techniques to stop the fear in its tracks, relax your body on command, reduce the pain and actually embrace the beauty of the birthing process.


What you’ll learn with Kopa Birth Course

Not only do they go through what happens to a woman’s body through labor and delivery, you’ll also learn lots of actionalbe things you can do to make it easier on yourself and your baby.

Here’s a breakdown of the most useful things you’ll learn:

  • What your husband or partner can do to help you relax and ease labor pains
  • What your partner can do if you start freaking out during labor (<–this one will ease both of yall’s minds because when your partner knows exactly what to do, they’ll stay calm and be able to help you!)
  • How to make your way through each stage of labor
  • The benefits and risks of different birthing interventions
  • Awesome pain coping techniques
  • What your body does during birth


The Biggest Benefit to This Course

Here’s the thing. Nothing is scarier than the unknown. If you really understand whats going to happen to you during birth, and the other things that are going on, it’ll take away so much of that fear.

And less fear = not only less pain, but the chance to enjoy one of the most important days in your life

I’m a nurse and know from experience that often in a hospital room, the medical people don’t have time (or simply forget) to explain everything thats happening.

This will arm you with the knoweledge you need to understand a large amount of what’s going on during your whole birth.


Who is this Birthing Class For?

This course is aimed for women who are wanting to have a natural birth in a hospital setting.

I will say that this course would be extremely useful to women wanting a home birth as well.

I like that it is focused on a hospital setting, since that can be a scary element to deal with if you don’t understand the in’s and out’s of how it works.


It’s Entertaining

Like I said, I’ve taken birth classes in the past, and they are NOT created equal.

All of them were very informative but some lacked a big quality that I think is important. They were not entertaining.

This course was able to keep my attention.

The instructor Katie has a great personality and you can see that she just really gets the whole process and the feeling that a woman goes through during birth.

It almost feels like having a friend walk you through everything.

Plus the use of visuals and little stories helped really seal in the information in easy to understand ways that made everything just come together.

I genuinely enjoyed going through each video even though I’m not pregnant.


Is the class worth it?

Your time and money are precious, I get that. The Kopa Birth course is the one I wish I had during my first (or even second) pregnancy. I feel that if I had the tools she gives you, I would have had an easier labor.

So yes. Absolutely. This is the best natural birth course I have come across and will make you feel ready to rock your birth!

You can check out some of the awesome sample videos here to see what I’m talking about.

Check out the Kopa Birth Course Purchase Options

You guys! This birth class is awesome. How to handle pain during natural birth and totally rock your labor and delivery!


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