23 Genius Natural Teething Remedies To Nip Baby’s Pain Now

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In today’s post, we are talking about the best natural teething remedies to help relieve teething pain, quickly. We’ll also mention a few teething remedies we DON’T recommend.

teething remedies

When your baby is teething it can be rough watching then struggle with pain.

I know when my baby started showing signs of teething, it was nerve-wracking not being able to help relieve the pain.

I didn’t want to use Tylenol or other over the counter pain relief, as the risks don’t seem worth it. (And there are risks.)

Luckily there are lots of awesome baby teething hacks and natural remedies that will help soothe your baby’s pain quickly, many of which you probably have on hand.

If one doesn’t work for, try the next.

I have found that some remedies that work on certain babies, don’t on others.

Every baby is different, so be sure to try a few.

Here are my favorite natural teething remedies for babies!

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1. A silicone teether

When you’re babies teething, they’ll want to put everything into their mouth. Teething toys can help!

Teething babies love to chew, so get them something soft and squishy like a silicone teether.

The key is to look for something they can grip on their own and is BPA and phthalate-free.

I also recommend avoiding those teethers with the liquid in them, they are notorious for popping, and who knows what kind of liquid is in there.

2. Amber Necklace

teething remedies amber necklace

I used to recommend these teething necklaces, but after hearing that there are a huge strangulation risk, i no longer recommend these.

3. Teething Mitten

For babies who have trouble keeping grip of a teether, a teething mitt is a great option.

One like this has a soft silicone end and can be easily thrown in the washer to keep it clean.

A downside to this one, some babies HATE wearing the mitt and will work to get it off.

With older babies, you’ll have trouble keeping this one on at all, rendering it useless.

Still a great option though for younger babies.

4. Frozen Wash Cloth

This is a go-to teething hack for moms, as you almost always have these laying around.

Just grab a few wash clothes and twist them up to form grabbable “sticks.”

Dip the end into water and toss them in the freezer for 15 to 30 minutes.

Once frozen, hand it to your baby and let them chew away.

5. Chamomile tea

Chamomile is delicious and helps bring a little calm to a chaotic house. It’s a natural anti inflammatory.

It’s also one of my favorite natural teething remedies.

It’s also safe for babies, making it a great natural teething remedy.

Chamomile is a preference of mine because it doubles to reduce pain and help calm the nerves.

It’s a staple in our household.

It’s not recommended to let your baby drink chamomile tea straight until they are over the age of 1.

Instead, you can simply dip a clean finger into the tea and rub it on their gums.

Or you dip one of the frozen washcloths below into the tea for an extra level of teething pain relief.

If you are breastfeeding, drinking plenty of the tea with not only help calm your nerves but is also a great way for baby to get a good dose of the soothing herb too, that can help them sleep during a restless night.

This brand is awesome, organic and the only brand of packaged herbal tea I buy.

6. Chamomile tincture

bottle of chamomile tincture as a natural teething remedie

Chamomile tincture is a concentrated dose of chamomile.

Basically, they soak the chamomile in alcohol or glycerin for several weeks.

Then they strain it and the leftover liquid has all the beneficial traits of the herb.

You can use a drop or two of the chamomile tincture and rub it onto the gums of your teething baby.

The chamomile and alcohol in combination help soothe the pain and disinfect the area.

If you’re worried about using the alcohol tincture on your baby, I’d love for you to read this article from Growing Up Herbal.

Meagan makes some great points about glycerin being bad for your babies teeth as it covers them in wax and prevents remineralization.

She also points out that it’s a very small amount of alcohol, and most over the counter medications contain small amounts of alcohol as well, as it’s just a standard in medicine making.

We love the chamomile tincture for a quick fix. It naturually numbs their gums and helps soothe them just like the tea.

7. Homemade teether cookies

If your baby is eating, you can make them some homemade teething biscuits.

A very simple recipe is using quick oats mixed with a very ripe banana.

I usually use about 1 cup of oats per banana, although I usually just eyeball it and don’t measure.

Shape into handheld biscuit shapes for your baby and bake for 15-20 minutes.

Simple and healthy, plus chewing on them makes for a great pain relieving distraction.

Healthy Mama Info also has a great recipe that’s a little more work, but looks like it would make awesome teething cookies!

8. Premade teething biscuits

If you are pressed for time or just not a baker, you can buy some teether biscuits as well.

These are tasty little treats that will feel good on your baby’s gums and distract them from their teething troubles.

Just make sure whatever biscuits you get, that they are organic or at least not filled with a bunch of unknown ingredients that could be harmful to your baby.

9. Breastmilk Popsicles

teething remedy breast milk popsicle

If your baby is too young for solids (under 6 months) you can try some breastmilk popsicles.

Simply use pumped or expressed breastmilk and pour it into baby popsicle molds. Babies love these and the cold helps numb their painful gums.

If you are formula feeding your baby, these would work with some frozen formula as well!

10. A cold carrot

So many moms swear by the frozen carrot, along with a few other frozen foods.

The size is perfect for little hands, it’s also a healthy, cheap item with no worries of what’s in it.

I wouldn’t give a carrot to a baby with fully developed teeth, as the idea that they could bite off a chunk and choke does make me a little nervous.

However, a baby with no teeth would have a very hard time biting off a piece as long as it were a thick carrot. 

Just make sure to keep a close eye on them with this one.

11. Frozen Mesh Teether

These frozen mesh teethers are perfect for adding softer fruit and freezing to create an easy “popsicle.”

If your baby is eating solids its so easy to add a bit of ripe banana to these, toss in the freezer and let your baby go crazy gnawing the pain away.

12. A Ginger Rub

Another fantastic natural remedie is using ginger for your teething baby. 

If you have some ginger root in your house, you can use this to ease your baby’s pain.

Ginger is an anti-inflammatory and can help soothe your baby’s gums.

Simply rub peeled ginger root onto the swollen gums for a minute or two (or as long as your baby will let you.)

12. Teething Necklace for Mama

teething remedies

This is another one of my favorite teething remedies, mostly because baby gets relief, and mama gets an excuse to buy a cute piece of jewelry.

These necklaces are made for mom to wear, but baby gets to chew on the soft silicone beads while you carry them around or wear them in your baby carrier.

Win-win, and it’s just plain fun to pick one out!

Just check out how many different kinds there are!

13. Lavender essential oil

There is still a lot of debate on whether lavender essential oil is ok for babies or not.

While I personally err on the side of caution and don’t apply essential oils regularly on babies skin (and when I have they were always very diluted), I do think that the scent of lavender can be very calming for baby.

To make it easy, I roll on a little bit of lavender oil on my neck and my baby gets to enjoy the calming scent while nursing.

By calming baby down in this way, they are able to tolerate teething pain a little better.

It’s amazing at how the body copes with pain better when it’s relaxed.

14. Vibrations

Vibration is a great way to dull baby’s teething pains.

The vibrations help confuse the nerve signals and they are unable to relay the pain to the brain.

This vibrating teether is rated very well, and seems to help all sorts of babies.

Plus it looks easy to hold even for little hands.

15. Hylands Teething Tablets

Hyland teething tablets are homeopathic tablets and a popular natural remedy for teething babies.

There has been some controversy in the past with these tablets, as they contained belladonna which is a natural pain reliever but can be toxic.

Since the controversy, Hylands has switched their formula and removed the belladonna, and the tablets are considered less toxic.

I personally have been uncomfortable with this remedy, however, it may work well for those with babies who are really struggling.

Talk to your doctor before using.

16. Chewing on a toothbrush

You probably have an extra toothbrush lying around somewhere. (Just make sure its new!)

Babies love chewing on toothbrush bristles. The soft, interesting texture can help relieve pain and offer a fun new sensation.

You can also introduce your baby to their very first toothbrush at this time, and get them used to having it in their mouth, as you prepare to get into the routine of brushing their brand new teeth.

These baby tooth brushs are our favorite, as they have super soft bristles.

We like the adult versions for ourselves as well. They are so awesome, that they often run out of stock on Amazon!

17. Frozen Nipple

One of the most popular home remedies for teething is filling a pacifier with water and then freezing.

This only works with a few select pacifiers, as the water usually melts out within a minute or two.

You can also try filling a bottle with water upside down and freezing that. However, this takes much longer to freeze and needs to be completely full to work well, otherwise the ice block inside the nipple falls back into the bottle after a few brief chews.

A great remedy when you get it to work well.

18. Punkin Butt Teething Oil

This teething oil is different than other oral teething “gels.”

It is an organic carrier oil infused with chamomile, peppermint and clove.

These herbs help soothe teething pain quickly and naturally.

The oil also contains a very small amount of essential oils (diluted to less than 1%) to help aid in the teething relief.

I love this brand as its organic, vegan and PETA friendly.

19. Multitextured Teethers

Sometimes babies prefer a different texture to the silicone variety and find wood or cloth very soothing on their tender gums.

If other teethers aren’t working out try a variety texture teether.

20. Baby Slushy

baby teething remedies

Another quick home remedy for teething is creating your own baby slushy.

Use foods that your baby is already eating and freeze them.

Then use the blender to make them edible for your baby.

If your baby is exclusively breastfed or formula fed, express or make the milk and pour into ice cube trays.

When they are frozen blend a cube or two and spoon feed them to your baby.

If your baby is eating table foods, you can make delicious “milkshakes.”

An easy recipe is to blend a few pieces of frozen peaches with a cube or two of milk.

Now your baby can enjoy a cold, pain relieving slush.

They can eat it with a spoon or from a cup with a straw.

21. A Dual Purpose Teether

You can also try a teether like these that not only helps soothe baby’s pain but will also sop up all that lovely baby drool.

It’s also very difficult to lose. Win-win!

22. Try a Soothing Bath

baby in chamomile bath to soothe teething pain

I don’t know about you, but I find baths extremely soothing.

Warm water has a special way of relaxing the body.

You can even add a pack of the chamomile tea to make an herbal baby bath.

Again, a relaxed baby is able to cope with pain so much better.

23. Back to Basics

baby holding stuffed bear

Sometimes just finding whatever is comforting to your baby when they are not teething can be very soothing.

Something as simple as their favorite binkie or even their most beloved stuffed animal can help make the teething pain more manageable.

24. Love and Support

mom comforting teething baby

When all else fails, teething is a way for your baby to experience the discomforts in life.

You can be there to offer comfort, love and emotional support.

It will be their first real taste of learning that they can rely on others to help get them through a difficult time.

Teething Remedies Not to Use on Your Baby

There are lots of things out there that conventionally mothers used to treat teething pain in their babies.

However, over time, we have become aware that these remedies are actually quite harmful and should be avoided.

These remedies include using over the counter pain relief, as the side effect greatly out weight the benefits for simple teething relief.

For instance, regarding Tylenol one report put out by the FDA stated

“Summarizing data from five different surveillance systems, there were an estimated 56,000 emergency room visits, 26,000 hospitalizations, and 458 deaths related to acetaminophen associated overdoses per year during the 1990-1998 period.”

This refers to overdoses, however with small baby bodies, it makes me nervous that it’s hard to accurately know how much is too much for a baby’s body.

Also, teething gels should be avoided.

Another article put out by the FDA stated that the active ingredient in teething gels is benzocaine.

It can cause a rare, but deadly condition called methemoglobinemia.

It affects the blood and makes it hard to carry oxygen through the body, causing death.

There have only been 29 reports of the condition associated with the gels, but with the alarming number SIDS deaths (with unknown cause of death) it makes me wonder if this could be a factor in some of those unfortunate fatalities.

This is why we highly recommend the natural teething remedies above!

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  1. You can also use one of those freezable pacifiers from Nippii. The pacifier allows you to fill the back of an actual pacifier with water and then put it in the freezer. The chamber on the back keeps the melted water or ice from leaking all over like with other popscicles. Our baby knew exactly what to do with it (she is only 5 months old). Kept her distracted all day.

  2. I sometimes will get a little lavender oil on my hands and then wipe them on my baby’s pajamas before bed that way she can smell it continuously but it doesn’t touch her skin 🙂

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