The Best Wooden Blocks for Babies: Plus some very unique sets!

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Nothing screams perfect baby toy, more than a gorgeous set of alphabet wooden blocks.

It’s one of the reasons so many announcement photos have their baby’s name displayed in blocks.


Wooden Blocks for Babies

Wooden blocks make fantastic toys for babies. They are the perfect size for their little hands to grip.

They have fun, interesting colors and shapes. The different textures and even the sound they make, all keep baby’s interest.

They also provide lots of great, low key sensory exercises for them. Stimulating their brain and them to develop their senses.

But with so much choice out there, what are the best wooden blocks for babies?

Here we’ve rounded up some of the most unique, and very cool, wooden blocks.

We took into account their safety and toxicity, after all it’ll end up in their mouth eventually, and the “uniqueness” of the sets. After all, might as well get a fun set with possible future interests!

Plus, if you’re giving these as a gift, it’s always fun to capture mom or dads interest too!

Solar system blocks for babiesSpace Themed Wooden Blocks

These blocks have a super cute space theme. They’d be a perfect gift for a baby with a space-themed baby name.

This set has 9 blocks (One for each planet ) and includes images of where the planets are in the solar system and their planetary sign.

They use non-toxic child safe ink.

There is also a really cool constellation block set here.

Pastel wooden building blocks for babyPlantoys Blocks 

This wooden block set is another great set for babies. These wooden blocks are all differently shaped and come in a combination of pastel colors, mixed with the natural wood.

These are great because they’ll grow with your baby into toddlerhood and through the preschool years of childhood.

Pretty wooden block set for baby

Dream World Wood Block Set for Babies

I am completely over the moon for the Dream Animals Board Book for babies. The imagery is gorgeous and the pictures kept my babies entertained during story time.

So I was ecstatic to see they came out with a block set with the same imagery. The Dream World Block Set only has 9 blocks, with only a few letters though. So you cannot spell anything with them.

So pretty!! ABC wood block set for babies.

Classic Alphabet Baby Wooden Block Set

If you are looking for the ultimate classic alphabet wooden block set for your baby, this one is adorable, and a complete set. It contains 28 blocks and a cute canvas storage bag.

They use non-toxic, “mouth-safe” inks. Meaning, its ok if baby takes a taste.

The best wooden block set for baby.

Younger Baby Wooden Block Set

Most of the blocks on this list are better suited for older babies, but this block set was designed for even the youngest babies. Their age suggestion starts at 3 months old!

These blocks are small, 1.5inches, but are made of softer beech wood, with rounded edges.

These ones also come with a little canvas storage bag.

natural wooden blocks baby toys

Waldorf Wooden Building Blocks

These unique building blocks are made into organic shapes. They are untreated wood and offer a very different building experience than typical square blocks.

They are a little harder to build with, which helps encourage your child to use a different part of their brain.

The different texture offers even little babies a fun sensory experience.

wooden block set for deaf babies

ASL Wooden Blocks

This American Sign Language Block set is a fantastic way to introduce a second language to your baby. Or if your baby is audibly impaired, it can be a great way to reinforce sign language.

These are handcrafted wooden blocks made from sustainable wood and printed with mouth safe, non-toxic inks.

wooden block set in braille

Braille ABC Blocks

Similarly to the ASL blocks, these Braille wooden blocks are an awesome way to teach kids about visual impairments and how people who can’t see, can read.

This is a great block set for babies with vision difficulties as well.

These blocks are handcrafted from sustainable basswood and printed with non-toxic, mouth safe inks.


science wooden block set

Periodic Table of Elements

Does a love of science run in the family? This wooden block set has the elements of the period table!

What a cool way to expose them to science facts early in life. Plus, the colors are engaging and gorgeous!

wooden push toy with blocks in it

Push Cart with Wooden Block Set for Babies

If your looking for a little more bang for your buck, this little wooden block set is fantastic for babies!

The blocks themselves are gorgeous and made from sustainably sourced forest wood and non-toxic paint.

The little pushcart will surely keep them busy as they learn to crawl and walk, and eventually gather up all their blocks to tote around the house.


Most of these sets are great baby gifts. Some of them the baby can play with right now, and others make fantastic decorations for a beautiful nursery and even fun photo sessions.

Regardless we hope you find the perfect wooden block set for your baby here.

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