Do you really need a birthing class?

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Are you on the fence about whether or not you actually NEED a prenatal course?

Here’s the thing. You are probably pregnant, which means you are on a “countdown” to birth.

This is going to be a HUGE day (or days?) in your life!

And although birth is a totally natural and normal process of life, that doesn’t mean that we are naturally equipped to deal with it all well.

So do you NEED a birthing class? Technically, No.

Your baby will come out one way or another. That’s a fact.


But, what a birthing class CAN help you with is:

  • Help you know what to expect (because it is not like the T.V. shows)
  • Reduce your fear and anxiety (because those DO NOT have to be apart of your birthing experience. Shocking Right?)
  • Give you tools to help cope with pain better (Biggest benefit ever!)

Those are just the top 3 benefits.  I could sit a name an entire list, but it would get long winded, and those 3 things really are the most important factors for most soon to be mothers.

Some providers even make it a requirement before birthing for first-time moms.

I found this out from my own midwife 2 months before birth. I had to hurry up and find a course and rush through it. (Not how I recommend doing it.)

I honestly didn’t feel like I needed a birthing class because I am a researcher by nature.

Most of my free time is spent looking stuff up. When I became pregnant, I spent HOURS online researching how to have a healthy, natural pregnancy and birth.

Plus I’m a nurse. I worked in a hospital for 10 years. I figure I knew most of what I already needed to know.

But what I found out when I took my prenatal course was that there was so much stuff I didn’t know, that I could possibly have researched it. Ha. Silly me.


Knowledge is power

When you know what to expect during the birthing process, you get to be in control of what happens.

This helps take away a lot of that fear you may be experiencing about your upcoming labor.

The funny thing about fear, is that it can make any experience a bad one.

If you can go into your birth knowing what’s going to happen, you defeat the fear monster.

Of course you’ll still be a little anxious, but you call the shots, you get to be epowered, and that’s a total game changer.

Plus, the more you know, the better you can prepare.


Better prepared than an anxious mess

So here’s the bottom line. You don’t need a birthing course.

But know that birthing is not easy.

It’s an experience that will transform your life completely.

Now, how it transforms you will depend on a multitude of factors.

Where you give birth, who’s there to support you, what happens or doesn’t happen.

There are going to be so many choices that are going to affect your experience, and it just makes it a heck of a lot easier if you know what to expect, and what you can do to be better prepared.

One of my favorite courses to recommend to soon to be mamas is from pulling curls

It was created by a fellow RN, but one who actually delivers babies on a daily basis!

Hilary created a fantastic course.

I like it because she’s one of those down to earth people that are super easy to relate to, even when just watching her on video.

She’s funny, and keeps the class entertaining, which means you’ll actually pay attention. 

She’s passionate about her patients feeling empowered about their birth, no matter what happened during it.

I recommend trying her Free beginners course. (It’s usually $5 but right now its free!) It’s kinda like a taste test of her full course. If you like how she offers her class, you can then choose one of her 3 options for her birthing course.

Is a birthing class really necessary? What does a prenatal course help new moms with anyway?


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