Birth plan templates and generators to make birth planning easy.

7 Awesome Printable Birth Plan Templates and Generators


One of the best things you can do for yourself is to know what you want during your birth. These printable birth plan templates and generators are perfect to help you figure out and narrow down your ideal birth plan.

Of course, when setting up your expectations for your birth, it’s best to go in with a “hope for the best but plan for the worst” kind of mindset.

So even if you want an all natural, perfectly timed and peaceful birth, go in with the idea that if plans have to change, that’s ok too.

Here are the best printable birth plan templates and birth plan generators we could find, all in one place. Use one of these to make sure you hit everything on your birth plan checklist.

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Printable Birth Plan Templates & Generators

If you’re looking for an awesome pregnancy and birthing planner, I suggest first checking out this planning system.

It was created with pregnant mama’s in mind and you can choose from a pregnancy planner or a birthing/nesting planner.

Ok now on to the birth plan templates!


The Bump Printable Birth Plan

This is a generic but extensive print and plug birth plan. This is a good one to take a look at to see what type of things could actually be involved in a birth, but some of the interventions seem a little strange to include in a birth plan.

It’s more of a permission type of list, rather than a guide to help your care providers understand your desired birth plan.

Good for: Those looking for a comprehensive list of interventions.


Personalized visual birth plan

This simple and beautiful birth plan is personalized by the person who created it. This one isn’t free like the others, but is worth the small price.

If you order one of these beautiful birth plans, you’ll receive a questionnaire to fill out and send back. Within a few days you’ll get a pretty printable version of your birth plan.

This allows your provider to see your plan in a clear and understandable way, without having to take a bunch of time to stop and read it.

Good for: Those wanting a nice looking, clear and concise printable birth plan.


The Birth Plan Co. colorful visual birth plan

There is a whole shop on Etsy dedicated to creating beautiful, customizable birth plans. It’s easy and quick on your part.

You simply purchase the plan of your choice, answer the questions in the email, and wait a couple of days to receive your colorful and perfectly customized birth plan.

Visual birth plans like this are preferred because they quickly get your desires across without being too wordy. Plus, they are a pretty keepsake to keep afterward. Perfect for your pregnancy journal or baby book.

Good for: Those looking for a pretty and functional birth plan, and aren’t worried about spending a few bucks.


March of dimes Printable Birth Plan

This is a simple birth plan that covers some of the most important aspects of what should be included in all birth plans.

You can edit it directly from the pdf link above, and print it out.

Good for: A short and quick birth plan that will only take a few minutes.


Earth Mama Birth Plan Generator

This is one of my personal favorite ones. It’s a comprehensive list of interventions that put everything into simple and basic terms, and clearly get your message across as to what you want from your birthing experience.

I will note that there are a few items that are a shameless plug for the brand like “I would like to give my baby their first bath using non-toxic baby products.”

But they do have great, non-toxic baby products (my own shameless plug) that you should check out here.

Good for: Those wanting an easy natural birth plan template with the ability to pick and choose what natural birth means to them.


Pregnancy and Baby Birth Plan Generator

This is a great birth plan generator! This one is certainly not pretty and pretty basic looking once you print it out, but it’s fully customizable. You can add a special message at the top, and your own notes and preferences below each section.

You can even pick the title of your birth plan.

These may seem like insignificant details, but they can make all the difference in how you feel about handing your provider your birth plan.

I personally feel much better about handing a sheet called “Preferences for labor and birth” vs. “Birth plan” to hospital staff.

For me, this gives the message that you know what you want, but you have realistic expectations and understand that flexibility is important. (A rigid plan can be a recipe for regret and disappointment.)

Good for: Those looking for a completely customizable plan with additional personal notes.


Mama Naturals Visual Birth Planner

For anyone looking for a natural birth plan template that’s free, this is a great resource to check out. Essentially it’s a downloadable birth plan pdf that has lots of different icons.

You customize it yourself in word, picking and choosing which icons you want to use. You can then adjust your plan to fit your specified birth interventions.

Good for: Those looking for a free visual, natural birth planning template.


Even if you don’t plan on bringing a printed birth plan to your birth, it’s still a good idea to go through a few of them to get you thinking about what you do and do not want during birth.

There are a lot of big decisions to make, and going in with a plan in place, will make it so much easier. After all, when you laboring, the last thing you will want is someone asking you a bunch of questions that you don’t know the answers to.

Printable birth plan templates. Perfect for those wanting a great looking birth plan they can printout and go. From natural birth templates to epidural and c-section templates. Create the right birth plan for you!



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