The Ultimate Postpartum Care Kit

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Today we are talking about the very best items you need in your postpartum care kit!

postpartum care kit

We talk about pregnancy a lot, but what about postpartum?

The first 6 weeks after you have a baby is not talked about nearly enough, and let me just say… it’s a little rough. 

Recovering from having a baby is hard work.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of postpartum care kit ideas.

It’s everything you’ll need to aid in the recovery process.

I know after I have a baby, I am a wreck!

I’m exhausted, bleeding everywhere, and I am looking forward to this part being long gone (aside from the tiny baby I get to cuddle, of course!)

I hope this post helps you put together the ultimate postpartum care kit and helps you heal and recover just a little bit faster.

But before we get to that, allow me to familiarize you with what a postpartum care kit even is.


What is a postpartum care kit?

A postpartum care kit is a collection of supplies you’ll need after giving birth to your baby.

This aids in the recovery process and shouldn’t be skipped, if possible.

Why do you need one? Well, there’s a few reasons.

You’re actually prepared for all the crap your body will go through.

Nobody tells you how difficult it will be to use the bathroom, how much pain you’ll be in, and how many pads you’ll need when you’re bleeding all over the place.

Putting together stuff to aid in this beforehand is so helpful.

You don’t want to need to run to the store after just pushing an 8-pound baby out.

I’ve also included the nice to have things on this list too, though.

As well as breastfeeding supplies that are specific to the postpartum months.

You can thank me later.

How do you get started with a postpartum care kit?

If the idea of putting this together is overwhelming you, just stop and take a breath. You’ll be fine no matter what you do.

But if you want help getting started, I’ve got a few tips for you.

Start early, if possible

The best thing you can do is prepare way ahead of time.

This way, you can slowly add to it overtime, decide how many you need, what you need, and more.

Giving plenty of time to plan is best.

Consider your needs

You also want to consider your needs. Different mamas will require different things.

If you’re a natural mama for example, you might want to skip medications and opt for cloth/reusable products.

If you birth at home vs the hospital, you’ll need to get absolutely everything yourself. 

If you’re bottle feeding, you won’t even need the list below with breastfeeding supplies.

Also consider if you plan to lay in bed the entire time, or if you’ll be traveling around the house.

You might want a large basket to keep in your room if you’ll be staying put, or you might want several small baskets in each room.

Now that we’ve covered that, let’s get to the supplies you should have on your list!

Postpartum essentials

The best place to start is with the postpartum essential supplies. These are the ones you definitely don’t want to skip on! They are the most important ones on the list, in my opinion.

Pads and underwear

As we well know, postpartum bleeding is long-lasting with a very heavy flow.

I highly recommend getting some maternity underwear to use alongside of pads (and cooling pads!)

These are my best picks for this category:

If you’d like a more comfortable and natural alternative, you can also try these cloth pads. (I use cloth pads for my periods and they are surprisingly way more comfortable than disposable ones!)

Also check out our post on The Best Pads for Postpartum

Peri bottles

If you birth in a hospital, they will give you one of these.

However, it’s very useful to have multiple just as a precaution.

You want to play it safe as these are a lifesaver!

You’ll be in a lot of pain and filling these peri bottles with warm water is so soothing and a great way to rinse off without wiping. (Trust me – you do not and should not wipe down there postpartum!)

They should give you one at the hospital or birthing center, so make sure to keep it!

Keep them after postpartum because they are also amazing when trying to rinse shampoo out of your babies hair without getting soap in there eyes!

Alternatively, you can try this upside down peri bottle by frita!

Cooling spray and pads

It’s no secret that you’ll be in a lot of pain.

Because of this, you’ll definitely want some cooling spray and pads in your postpartum care kit.

Here are my best picks for these:

Postpartum non-essentials

Next up are the non-essential supplies. These I consider nice to have, but not absolutely necessary.


I put medications on the non-essentials list since not everyone prefers to use them. However, they can be really helpful.

For pain, you might want to pick up tylenol and motrin. (You can rotate them much like they would in the hospital)

To make using the bathroom easier, you can also pick up some stool softeners to avoid pushing as much as possible.

Use these even if you’re having no trouble going!

Heat Pad

A simple but effective way to reduce cramping pain those first few days is a heat pad!

The heat pad can help relax cramping and is great for stiff achy muscles. (Hello back labor!)

Comfortable clothing

In the days after giving birth, you’ll likely want to get lots of rest and snuggles with your new bundle of joy.

Comfortable clothes while you do so helps to rest!

Consider grabbing:

Freezer meals

Freezer meals are amazing – even moreso when it comes from someone other than you, ha! But sometimes it doesn’t work out that way, so prep ahead of time! Try to get at least a week or more of meals.

There are two ways to do this.

First, you can prep them in freezer bags (with these cool stands!) and all you have to do is dump them into a crockpot.

Or, you can prep them into foil containers to then pop in the oven easily.

For specific meal ideas, be sure to check out this awesome cookbook full of freezer meal ideas!

Netflix + Hulu

Rest, rest, and rest some more as much as you can. While you rest, you might want to binge the latest season of This is Us. So make sure you’ve paid up on your Netlix and Hulu subscriptions!

During postpartum, I love the Amazon fire stick for streaming. I live on this thing during postpartum, I tell ya!

Epsom salts + essential oils

If you’ve never heard of a sitz bath, trust me when I say it’s amazing. It’s not a must, but a very nice to have type thing.

It helps you relax, heal, and so much more.

There are a variety of ways to do this (including an alphabet soup of herbs), but a basic one just includes epsom salts and lavender essential oil. (I love plant therapy brand, they are high quality without the high price!)

Postpartum breastfeeding supplies

General breastfeeding supplies are a little different than ones specifically for postpartum. There are things you want to avoid in the first 6 weeks, so you have to be careful.

Nursing bras

You might opt for not wearing a bra in the first months, but these nursing bras are a must for when you do!

They have a clip that allows you to pull down the front part and giving easy access for breastfeeding.

They are seriously a lifesaver while breastfeeding!

Breast pads

Since you are building up your supply, you’re going to be leaking quite a bit. It will slow down as your body figures out exactly how much milk to produce.

Disposable breast pads will save your sanity as they stop from ending up with a giant leak spot on your shirt!

Alternatively, these cloth ones are great for reusable breast pads.

Nipple butter

Trust me when I say, nipple butter will save your life, ha!! As your body learns to breastfeed, it might be a little rough.

You’ll crack, your skin might dry out, and more.

This organic nipple butter is amazing!!

Haaka pump

If you’ve never heard of the haaka pump, it’s kind of amazing. It’s this little silicone thing that suctions onto your breast and milk drips out.

You can even use it while breastfeeding!

This is especially handy during postpartum when you don’t want to pump and accidentally up your supply, but might still want some relief.


Snacks are sooooo important postpartum.

You’ll want to make sure to keep eating regular meals, but high protein snacks are also the way to go.

Some of my favorites include:

Opt for high protein over fat and salty, when possible.

Water bottle

It’s very important to stay hydrated, especially while hydrated. If you don’t already have a water bottle, this water bottle with a straw is great!!

Final thoughts

Bottom line is this: a postpartum care kit really helps in the recovery process and so you’re not rushing around finding everything.

Focus on the essentials first and foremost, and consider what you truly need.

If you get nothing else, make sure you get maternity underwear, overnight pads, extra long pads, peri bottles, and cooling pads. (I thought I would do without the cooling pads and the first day after birth I had to send my husband to the store to get some!)

For added relief and relaxation, you can also get epsom salts and lavender essential oil for a sitz bath. Water was one my one relief those first few sore days.

Just remember to start small and do what works best for you!

Postpartum Care kit

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