Breastfeeding is for Lazy Moms

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When I was pregnant, I had an overwhelming desire for my baby to get here and i longed to cuddle up with him and start bonding and breastfeeding.

Then I gave birth and reality hit me like a sack of potatoes.

Having a baby is hard. Taking care of this tiny human, who cries with all of these unspoken needs.

And there are NO breaks. No time to get a full nights sleep. No time to just say, I’m sitting here and not moving for the next 2 hours. And breastfeeding is hard.

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Breastfeeding course

For us in particular, it was really hard. At one point there was hysterical crying, all day long. And it was mine, not my baby’s. We finally got through the bad, and figured out a working breastfeeding relationship.

It took an entire 4 weeks to start getting it right, and even then there were problems. But we figured out those problems too.

Fast forward a few months:

When I lay in bed at night with my tiny nursing baby, never having to get up. All I can think is “Thank God I don’t have to get up.”

Because being a mom is super hard. And always exhausting. I’m so thankful breastfeeding allows me to be a lazy mom at times.

Here are all the ways that breastfeeding allows you to be a lazy mom:



1. Don’t have to get up at night

This is my favorite reasons. I don’t ever have to get up at night to feed my baby. We cosleep, so when my baby starts wiggling around I simply pop him back on to feed and then he rolls over. When he was little he would get put back into his cosleeper.

I couldn’t imagine having to actually get up in the night to feed my baby several times. I literally wake up for only a few moments, and slip back into sleep with my little one.

(*If you decide to cosleep, make sure to follow all of the recommended cosleep guidelines for safety. It’s not currently recommended by the APA to sleep with your baby in bed with you. I personally feel that after extensive research and experience, it was the best choice for my family.)


2. Don’t have to make bottles

I don’t have to prepare bottles of formula. Now if you have to pump at work you’ll have to pour it into a bottle, and pumping is a beast of it’s own. But if your not pumping, not bottles needed!


3. Less dishes

Ok, this is my second favorite reason. No bottles to wash and sterilize at the end of the day. I did pump daily with my first baby, and always had an entire sink of bottles and parts to wash and sterilize. It took a good half hour.

Now that we exclusively breastfeed, no bottles to wash, ever! It’s awesome.


4. One less thing to pack

Packing the diaper bag and remembering all the things is tricky. Mostly because, if your like me, you get interrupted a good 12 times during the process.

Having one less thing to pack, like bottles, makes it easier to make sure I have what I need. Diapers, wipes, emergency snacks, and water for me. Easy peasy!


5. Don’t have to stop what I’m doing

Being a work at home mom, I feel like I’m juggling everything at once. I’m sure even if I didn’t work, I’d feel this way. So when my baby is hungry and comes find me for a feed, I can keep doing what I’m doing, while getting extra cuddles from my baby.

I don’t have to stop to make and heat a bottle.


6. One less item on the grocery list

As much as I like to pretend I have it all together, the truth is I’m just taking things one day at a time here as a mom.

This means sometimes things come up and surprise me. Like when were down to our last few diapers and realize I have to go get some right now.

If formula were a factor, I’d probably be making just as many extra trips, realizing were were down to our last day or two’s worth of milk.

I don’t have to worry about this one with breastfeeding. (Plus, I’d like to throw in the money saving benefits at this point!)

If your a soon to be breastfeeding mama, or currently struggling with breastfeeding I cannot recommend the Milkology course enough! This is the course I wish existed when I was struggling my first few weeks with a bad latch, lots of pain and a decrease in milk supply.

I love that breastfeeding allows me to get breaks here and there. Of course it’s not with out its own special struggles and heartaches. (There was bleeding nipples at one point!) I’m just finding a few reasons why it’s worth all that pain and frustration

Of course, this is just a silly way to appreciate breastfeeding. There are lots of reasons to appreciate formula feeding too! You just have to do whatever works best for you and your baby.

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Why breastfeeding is for lazy moms! All the reasons I'd rather breastfeed and these ones are all selfish.

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