5 Awesome Breast Pumping Signs for Working Moms

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When your a breast pumping mom, pumping at work can get a bit tricky. The good news is, most workplaces are happy to accommodate you with a private room to pump in. (Plus it’s the law for most workplaces, depending on how large, to have a room where moms can pump privately and freely.)

If you are returning to work and need to pump, its a good idea to have a breast pumping in progress sign.

Here are a few free printable breast pumping signs to make sure you get the privacy you need while pumping at work.

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Breast Pumping Signs for Work

This is a pretty floral pumping sign that is discrete but still gets the point across.

Pumping in Progress door sign. Free printable pumping sign for mom's returning to work.This sign is less discrete but shows that you are obviously pumping, in case your co-workers get too quick and look at the sign without reading, the image of the breastfeeding mom should make it obvious they should stop, and read. Plus it has a handy “come back in ______ minutes” so the reader knows a time frame for when you will be done pumping. Pumping at work door sign. This breast pumping sign is a simple, but obviously, a do not enter sign. Great to ensure your privacy while you’re busy extracting your liquid gold!

Breast pumping sign for work

Funny Breast Pumping Signs

If you’re looking for a more humorous sign, here are a few funny pumping door signs. This one clearly states “Do not enter. Pumping in progress” sign.

Funny pumping sign for door at work. Another one of the funny breast pumping signs we like is this one:

Funny breast pumping signs for working moms.Hope you find a pumping sign you like! They are perfect for moms pumping at work who want to maintain their privacy!

P.S. If you are returning to work and you’ll be pumping, you should check out this pumping course! It’s super affordable and will help you get ready to pump at work, and avoid common issues like drops in milk supply!!

And of course, grab your free printables here!

Free printable breast pumping signs for work. These printable signs are great for breastfeeding moms going back to work.

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