10 Early Signs Of Pregnancy

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If you have been trying to get pregnant, you may be anxiously looking for any little sign that may indicate that you’re finally knocked up.

Or maybe your periods late and you’re wondering if something else is going on.

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Early signs of pregnancy. These subtle but common signs could indicate that you are pregnant long before a positive pregnancy test. If you are asking "Am I pregnant?" You need to check this out!


Earliest Signs of Pregnancy

Either, way it’s good to know what to look for so you can spot pregnancy early on, especially since pregnancy tests seem to take forever to show true results.

Whatever your reasons are, here is a list of the 10 most common signs of pregnancy.

Keep in mind that not only is every woman different, but every pregnancy is different too!

You may have 2 or 3 signs show up in one pregnancy, and a completely different set of symptoms in your next one.


Missed Period? Are you pregnant?

Missed period

If you have a regular period and keep close track, this may be the first tale-tell sign that you’re pregnant.

This may seem like a hard sign to miss, but most women have irregular periods and don’t keep up with when they happen.

If you are actively trying to become pregnant, now is a great time to start keeping track. There are even phone apps that make this super easy.


Nausea could be morning sickness. and one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy.

Nausea & Morning Sickness

Although morning sickness doesn’t usually take place until about a month after fertilization, some women are lucky enough to feel the effects of nausea right from the get-go.

According to American Pregnancy, more than 50% of women experience nausea and morning sickness at some point during their pregnancy.

Here are our suggestions on the most effective natural remedies for morning sickness.


Mood swings are an early sign of pregnancy

Mood Swings

Oh the hormone swings! Next to morning sickness, this is one of the most common and joked about symptoms that lasts the whole pregnancy and beyond.

It’s not really your fault though.

Having all those feelings is to be expected with your hormones changing so rapidly from day to day.

You may even find yourself blaming an outburst or two on the pregnancy hormones, and who can blame you. Growing a human is hard work!


sore, swollen tender breasts

Breast Changes

Right next to the mood swings, the sudden shift in pregnancy hormones can cause your breast to feel swollen and tender.

Although they could change in other ways too. Some women experience tingly sensations, while others notice their nipples darken and widen.

Usually, most of the discomfort should ease up by the second trimester as your body adjusts to your new hormone levels.


How to tell your pregnant before a positive testExtreme Fatigue

Another one of the most common signs of early pregnancy.

There have been many accounts of women thinking they were coming down with the flu or even mono because of extreme fatigue.

Turns out they were pregnant!

During my first pregnancy, I was so exhausted that I needed 2 or 3 naps a day!

This is pretty common though. And a legit excuse to enjoy the extra sleep.

Again, you can blame the increase of hormones on this one, specifically progesterone.

As you wrap up your first trimester of pregnancy, this should start to subside as you get your second-trimester burst of energy.


Food cravings could indicate that you are pregnantFood Cravings

If you’re suddenly having a strong food cravings, you might be pregnant.

Some women have such random and strong food cravings that it makes them question their decisions.

Sometimes pregnant women will even crave non-food items. This is called PICA.


Frequent peeing could be a signal that your pregnant.Implantation Bleeding

Another not quite so common symptom is implantation bleeding, also known as spotting.

About 1/4 of women will have a small amount of bleeding about two weeks after their egg has implanted in their uterus.

Some women even mistake this as a very light period.

This type of spotting should only last a couple of days, and stay light enough that you don’t actually fill a pad.


Early pregnancy signs and symptoms.Bloating, Cramping & Constipation

Another early pregnancy sign is abdominal bloating. The bloating is pretty similar to the bloating you may feel during your period, and again, is caused from the hormone changes.

These same hormones also slow down your bowels, meaning you’ll be prone to constipation.

Make sure to add lots of fiber to your diet in the form of fruits and veggies.

You can also try drinking some of my favorite natural magnesium supplement.

This tasty drink is great to gently keep you regular and keep your magnesium levels up.

Magnesium is essential for health and keep anxiety levels at bay.


Constant peeing could be a sign that you're pregnantConstant Peeing

If you suddenly find yourself getting up to pee several times in the middle of the night, it could be because you are pregnant.

This happens because your body starts increasing the amount of fluids (like blood) in your body.

Your kidneys have to process more, which means you urinate more.

This is a symptom that will probably last your whole pregnancy, as your fluid levels will stay higher because of your growing baby.


Early pregnancy signs and symptoms.Positive Pregnancy Test

The ultimate early sign! Most home pregnancy tests are pretty accurate.

You don’t even need to splurge on the fancy high tech tests.

I find that these are actually more difficult to use than the ones you can get at the dollar store.

Keep in mind that if your test comes back negative, that doesn’t mean your not pregnant.

You may need to just give it a few more days for your hormone levels to be detectable to the test.

So if your trying, buy a few of them in case you get impatient and just have to constantly check.

To be absolutely sure, you could head to your doctor who can perform a pregnancy test in their office and give you a definitive answer.


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 Am I pregnant? Good question! Find out if you may be expecting with these earliest signs of pregnancy.

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