10 Essential Tips for Taking Baby to the Beach

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Beach days are great but can be short-lived or stressful when you have a baby in tow.

You can have just as great of a beach day and your baby can have fun too, if only you had the tips and know how to do so properly.

Today I’m sharing with you some tips and ways to survive and enjoy a beach day with a baby around.

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Be Realistic

As much as you may want your beach day to be long and relaxing, you have a baby. Babies can easily be cranky, tired, or sunburned.

Your trip may be much shorter or keep you on your toes much more than you originally expected or wanted.


Grab all of your Beach Essentials for Baby

Double and triple check your preparations before the beach. You’ll want to bring all of the beach essentials for your baby.

Bring proper sunscreen, ways to cool off, a big blanket, and lots of water. You can bring things like beach toys, brighter clothes for better visibility, and much more.


Go at Less Busy Times

The best time to be at the beach with your baby is when there are fewer people. It makes time less stressful and more enjoyable.

The busy hours tend to be between 10 am and 2 pm, but you can learn from experience what they are for each beach. 

Avoiding these hours also helps cut down on the risk of sunburns!


Make a playpen

If your baby is particularly curious and wanders too often, you can make or get a playpen that allows them to explore but not too much.

This could be an inflatable pool or a fitted bed sheet that is propped up at the corners to have an outer wall, for ideas.


Choose Good Snack Options

If your baby is ready for solid foods you can bring along cooled or frozen versions to cool them down.

If not, make sure you have plenty of cooled and nutritious snacks to keep yourself on your best game. Baby chasing in the heat takes a lot out of you!


Ice Water to Cool Off

For both your baby and yourself, bring a spray bottle with some ice water to spray on yourselves when you get a bit too warm.

It can help prevent overheating which can cause a fussy baby or a tired parent.

Just be careful not to spray it too close to baby’s skin. A light mist is better.


Make it fun

Make the beach trip as fun as you can for your baby! This can include bringing toys, playing games, letting them see and touch the ocean water or shells and rocks, or much more.

There’s so much a baby can enjoy while at the beach.


Take a Time Out for Teaching

If you have the energy for it while keeping track of your baby, you can use the beach experience as a great way to teach them about things.

There are lots of new words you can introduce to your baby at the beach.


Beach Saftey for Baby

One of the biggest things to keep in mind is beach safety. Keep baby hydrated, cool and in the shade. 

Try using a portable tent or umbrella. You can also find really neat affordable baby beach tent like this one.

It has a small area where you can put water and keep baby shaded. Great for entertaining and keeping cool.


If you haven’t tried some of these helpful hints yet, hopefully, you will soon.

These can help you cope with and enjoy your beach time with your little one, as well as help them enjoy it too. Have fun and stay safe!

Wishing you many successful and great beach days this spring and summer with your baby and alone.  

Baby to beach tips

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