15 Adorable Ways To Make Baby’s First Christmas Memorable

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Your baby’s first 12 months of life are chock full of developmental milestone and lots of fun firsts.

Their first smile, the first crawl, the first babble.

Not only that but also first celebrations and holidays like babies first Christmas!

Of course you want to find pick out the best gift for your babies first Christmas, but it’s about so much more than that!

Even though Baby has no idea who Santa is or even much of what’s going on, there’s still a ton of excitement.

This doesn’t mean there’s no point to go big, remember this is as much for baby as it is for you and the family.

And since first-time experiences only happen once, making them memorable is what counts!

baby's first christmas with santa


Meet Santa for the first time

Since we’re already on the topic of firsts, this is definitely one not to be missed.

It is a memorable and simple way to celebrate, even if Baby won’t know or remember who Santa is.

Having a cute photo op to look back on the memories would be something perfect for years to come.

I will admit that some Santa’s can seem a bit creepy.

So check with some of the local moms to see who they recommend to help your baby not be so scared!

Mark Baby’s Height

Measure Baby’s height using a green, gold or red ribbon (colors for the festive season) and roll the string up and put it in a clear and empty ornament like these.

You can get the supplies from your local craft store or from Amazon. 

Then add glitter and confetti as well to make it pop.

Add a tag to the ornament marking the date and year.

You can make this a Christmas tradition for each year to see how much baby has grown and keeps growing, you can show baby as well!

Get Baby’s first Christmas pajamas 

This would be the greatest Christmas tradition for years to come, especially if there are siblings.

All the kids in matching pajamas are the cutest!

Plus it makes for great Christmas photos!

Buying Baby’s first pair of pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve is something the children will enjoy and like doing.

Hang Baby’s first Christmas stocking

A Christmas stocking is personalized and great to have next to the family’s, it’s something timeless and lasts a lifetime.

Adding it to the family’s Christmas stockings is like a right of passage. 

If you’re wondering what to fill it with, we’ve got great recommendations for the best baby stocking stuffers

Keep a Chunk of Baby’s first tree

This is beautiful if you have a real Christmas tree. Once the celebrations are over, you can cut a chunk from the bottom part of the tree before disposing of it.

You can then paint the chunk or keep it as it and just write in stencil that it’s Baby’s First Christmas.

You can use this as decoration for the Christmas tree or keep it on display somewhere in your home.

baby's first christmas

Buy Baby’s first Christmas book

This can turn into a festive tradition by buying a Christmas book every year.

Make it even more special by inscribing a note on the inside of the book’s cover.

The note can be about Baby’s first Christmas, what Santa got them, what they enjoyed the most and so on.

A classic first Christmas book would be ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas.

Get Baby ‘s First Christmas Booties

Keep Baby’s tiny feet warm for their first Christmas with an adorable pair of booties which are perfect for the occasion.

Once Baby has outgrown the Booties, tie them together with a note inscribing the date and occasion, and use them for the following years’ Christmas tree for decoration.

Get a Family photo taken

This would make a wonderful tradition that can be done annually.

Taking a family shot for the Festive season in a location that can easily be recreated each year; like by your fireplace, in front of your Christmas tree and so on.

It would be great to look back on and see how much Baby has grown.

Create Baby’s holiday card

This is the best way to show off your Baby’s first photos and have something sentimental which you can keep. 

Make a Cookie tradition 

This is another great tradition to begin if your family hasn’t already been doing it.

Now it’s just a matter of finding that delicious flavor that can turn into your yearly tradition for the festive season.

Even Baby can help you make the cookies!

As Baby grows, of course, they can help you more and more each year.

Decorate Baby’s nursery 

Decorate Baby’s nursery with Christmas decorations like fairy lights, holly branches, festive pillows, scented candles and more!

It would be a cozy place for the entire family to sit around together with baby and read baby their first Christmas bedtime story.

Make Baby’s own Christmas Baby Mobile

Now this is something Baby will adore.

Create a Christmas baby mobile using a DIY tutorial and use a Christmas theme in terms of colors and what to add; like green and red pompoms, stuffed toys like reindeers and Santa and add them all as hanging bits to the baby mobile.

Create a time capsule 

This would be something to cherish timelessly.

You can add anything into the time capsule from this year’s Christmas and continue on each year, from Baby’s first words, to their first steps to their first tooth.

Anything significant that you would like to remember you can write it down and add it to the time capsule.

The time capsule can be a jar or even better, a scrapbook!

Then decide to open on a particular date, like Christmas eve when they are 18. It would be a fun look down memory lane.

Make Baby a Christmas blanket

This is something unique and custom to baby, make their very own blanket and hang it up on their wall, put it in their crib, or lay it out near the fireplace or under the Christmas tree.

Baby will love it and it will take some persuasion to make baby let go of the blanket!

Write a Letter to Baby

It will take a while for Baby to end up reading the letters, but writing a letter at each Christmas would be something that your one-day grown baby will cherish and look back on.

When writing Baby’s first letter, mention what you and your family have been doing to celebrate baby’s first Christmas.

Remember to thank baby for their first Christmas present to you, being born!

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