Best Potty Training Tips to Make Toddler Life Easier

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Whether you’re struggling with potty training or just figuring out where to start, these potty training tips are sure to help you in this new phase with your little one.

But, before reading these potty training tips, please keep in mind that every child is different. Some of these tips will work for your child and others won’t.

Some parents find they don’t need to put much effort into potty training their toddler and it just comes naturally. O

Others, unfortunately, go through a bit of an ordeal getting their child to use the potty.

The important thing is to find what works for you both, and keep the learning as fun and stress-free as possible! Hopefully some of these tips will help!


Find a great potty chair

A great potty chair that your child loves will help make it all that much more fun, and make potty training so much easier! There are so many different types of potty chairs. There are little potty’s that look like miniature toilets or special seats that have their favorite characters on them.

There are also little seats you can put on the actual toilet. These seem to be either really liked or really disliked. It just depends on the child’s perspective. They could see it as them being like mommy or daddy and sitting on the real toilet. Or it could be very intimidating to sit over such a large, strange (and loud) hole.

And a fun potty for boys specifically, are these neat little portable urinals! Since they are so much fun, it makes teaching them to “pee pee in the potty pretty easy. But they lack the ability to help teach them to poop in the potty.

Make Sure They Are Ready

Make sure your toddler is actually ready to potty train, otherwise it will be an uphill battle and leave you both upset and frustrated.

Signs that a toddler is ready to potty train include:

  • Show interest in pottying when other you or other siblings go
  • Pulling off their diaper after they wet it
  • Verbalizing that they have “pee peed” after peeing


Explain the Whole Process

It may seem like an obvious thing to do, but make sure to explain what potty training is to your toddler. At this stage in their life, they are constantly learning new things all day long.

They need an explanation of what exactly this whole potty training thing is about. Keep it light and in simple terms that your child will understand. Explain it to them, again and again.

The more they hear you explain it, the more they will understand that this is something that is sticking around, and not just a fleeting experience.


Stay Away from Shaming

One of the biggest mistakes a parent can make is shaming their kids during this process. It may not seem like a big deal to drop a “I can’t believe you pee peed in your underwear like a baby” but it can actually undo any progress you are making.

If you have found yourself saying these things in the past, thats ok, let it go and move forward and make a concious effort not to do it again.

Work on building their self esteem and confidence up. You’ll see results much quicker.


Make a Big Deal When They Do Go

You have my permission to make it a very big deal when they do go in the potty. We’re talking full-on mini parade!

One of the most rewarding things for any child is the praise of their parents. When the pee in the potty or toilet start applauding and hooting & hollering. Clap your heart out and say exactly why you are so excited.

“Oh wow! Look at you! You pee pee’d on the potty!!! I know you didn’t want to do it, but you did anyway! That makes me so proud! Come, daddy!!! Look what Johnny did on the potty!”

The look on their face beaming with pride will totally be worth it. Not to mention how excited they will be to impress you once again.


Read fun Potty Training Books

Potty training books are a great way to get your toddler excited about potty training. Young children are born mimickers. By seeing other children using the potty in these stories, they can relate experiences to their own.

They can better understand what exactly they are supposed to be doing and see that it is a normal thing that other kids like them, do regularly.


Use a fun potty training chart

Some kids are very receptive to a potty training reward chart. These charts help them collect “achievements” and they can visually see their progress.

The way a reward chart works for potty training is, every time they complete a potty related activity, they get a sticker. So if the pee pee in the potty, they get a sticker. When they wash their hands, a sticker!

If your working on a particularly troublesome issue (like pooping) you can offer an extra special reward for that. Like 2 stickers, or one big giant sticker!

Hopefully a couple of these tips will work for you and your toddler while potty training!

Our best tips for making potty training a toddler easier.

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