Super Adorable Ways to Personalize Your Nursery

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Personalized nursery decor adds a unique touch to any nursery and is a great way to celebrate your new baby and the awesome name you choose just for them.

We have gathered the cutest and most stylish personalized decor all in one place to help you find something perfect for your babies nursery no matter what the theme or style.

These also make fantastic baby shower gifts.



Custom Calligraphy Wooden Framed Name

This gorgeous framed name display would look amazing with any decor and adds a touch of class. While it looks amazing in a nursery, it’s a piece that will surely look great for many years as they grow and the styling changes.

Beautifully framed name for a personalized touch for baby's nursery.


Unpainted Wooden Name Sign

This personalized wooden name sign would look great in the nursery over baby’s crib. It can also be repurposed to celebrate baby’s first birthday and would look great to take month baby pictures with.

Cute nursery decor ideas. Wooden name sign over baby cribs! This is perfect for personalized nursery decor.


3 Piece Floral Printable Baby Initials

This floral initial printable set is awesome not only because of the beautiful design, but because it comes with every letter of the alphabet, a quote, and pretty matching floral print. The possibilities are endless with this one. You could print out all of baby’s initials, or even their full name!

Floral printable baby initials set. Printable art work decor for nursery.


Wooden Letter with full name display

This super cute wooden name display features a gorgeous letter with their full name displayed across it. This will look great with any color nursery and any theme. A great way to display your baby’s name in their room.

Wooden baby name display. Perfect for any nursery theme.


Faux Wood & Metal Letters

These faux wood and metal letters are actually handcrafted paper mache. They are beautiful, without being heavy. The artist that handcrafts each letter individually as they are ordered. These letters would look amazing in any nursery.

Personalized nursery decor. Hand crafted wooden and metal letters. Baby name room decorations.


Outdoor Themed Wooden Name Display

This 3 piece wooden display is beautiful and perfect for an adventurer or outdoor themed nursery.Woodland themed nursery decor. Perfect name display for outdoor themed nursery.


Hand Painted Wooden Letter Nursery Decor

These hand-painted real wood letters are adorable. The subtle touch of pink on the edges of the letters looks great for a feminine touch. The shop has lots of different animals and variations to fit lots of different nursery decor.

Wooden hand painted fox letters. Perfect personalized nursery decor.


Personalized Name Nursery Wall Decal

If you are looking for something a bit easier to put up on the nursery wall above the crib, you can try one of these gorgeous name decals. Its as simple as peel and stick and you have a beautiful way to personalize your baby’s room.

Nursery personalized baby name wall decal. Perfect nursery decor. Display baby's name above their crib.


Beautiful Personalized Name Girly Deer Decor

This gorgeous deer print is an inexpensive, but high-quality digital download is a beautiful way display your baby girls name.

Feminine nursery name wall art. Perfect for girly nursery decor.


Adorable Name Plate

This personalized nameplate is beautiful and displays both the choosen first and middle names. This is a perfect way to display your baby’s name in their nursery, and makes for a beautiful keepsake that will remain gorgeous and classy for years to come.

Nursery name decor. Personalize your baby's room with this beautiful name display of both the first and middle names.


Floral Baby Name Initial Print

This floral letter print is gorgeous and you’ll get a digital file to print off from home or at a printing place like office depot or Walgreens. This will save you money on shipping, yet you still get a gorgeous personalized piece of art for your babies nursery.

Floral initial printable for baby's nursery.

Personalized nursery ideas. Show of your baby name right in your baby's room.Perfect for a baby girls room or a baby boys room.

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