Best Christmas Gifts for Baby

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Baby’s first Christmas is a magical milestone for most families.

You just had your sweet bundle of joy and get to celebrate one of the best holidays with them!

Part of this is figuring out some of the best Christmas gifts for baby.

The problem is… it’s a lot harder than it sounds. 

It’s definitely easier if your baby is showing interest in certain toys but if they’re still drooling on everything and spending more time sleeping than playing?

Well it can leave you a bit stumped.

I’ve been there and done that mama, it can get a bit frustrating. 

In this post, I’ll be sharing some of my top picks of Christmas gifts for all babies under 1. By the end, you’ll have a few great ideas to get you started in selecting the best Christmas gifts for baby.

But before we get to that, what makes the perfect baby gift?



How to choose the perfect baby gift

Choosing the perfect baby gift can be a very difficult task.

Where do you even start?

Thankfully, I have some experience in this department and can lend a hand with a few guidelines.

Here are a few must haves when choosing the best Christmas gifts for baby.



Personally, I don’t want a bunch of useless random junk taking up space in my house – that oftentimes includes the books and toys.

I aim for toys that are useful in some way or another.

This can mean a number of things, however.

A gift that is useful might be helping them fall asleep at night, aid in their development through play, or even dressing them for the next year in some cute clothes.

It has to be useful somehow – but there are a variety of ways to achieve that. 



Along with usefulness, I love gifts that can be used in a number of ways!

A toy that functions in a bunch of different ways are my favorite – especially if they’re open ended.

Another way I like to see a gift being versatile is by age group and number of ways it aids in development.

The longer it will work for various things, the better!



As much as we want to run out and buy every toy out there without factoring in our budget, that’s not the kind of world we live in. It’s important to consider what you can afford, too.

Ask yourself things like:

  • What is your total budget for baby’s first Christmas? 
  • How many $100 or even $50 toys will you be purchasing?

It’s also important to consider the value of a toy. Is it reasonably priced for the nature of the toy? Is it worth what they are asking for?

Price is just as much a factor as usefulness and versatility.

So what are my picks for the best Christmas gifts for babies?

That leads me into the next section!


Christmas Gifts for Babies Under 1

Since babies develop so quickly during the first year, its important to consider what age they’ll be during Christmas time.

We split up which gifts were the best ones for babies in their first year according to their age in months.


For Babies 0-3 months

Here are our favorite gifts for babies under 3 months old:


Cute Star Projector

This projector is really cool as babe starts to become more noticeable of their surroundings (although it works for any age group!).

It will project colorful stars and moons on the ceiling or you can take off the stencil for just an ordinary night light. It’s very soothing and perfect for baby’s room at night.


Sweet Lovie Blanket

These lovie blankets are as soft as a marshmallow and work great as a security blanket for your little babe!

They have a variety of different animals on them (we have several) and are perfect for long car rides or vicious battles with monsters as they get older.


Fun Piano Playmat

Playmats are so fun for babies!

This is our favorite because of the piano that they can kick and make noise with.

When they get older, you can even turn the piano so they can sit and hit all the “keys” on the piano.

Baby Einstein Book

This books serves perfectly for a first book!

It’s not technically a cloth book, but is in the same realm.

The high contrast of colors will really have their attention as well as the different textures.

Sophie the Giraffe

Sometimes I hate how much I love this thing.

It’s a teether made from natural materials and food paint.

It’s 100% safe for them to chew on and trust me when I say they will quickly become obsessed with it!


Bright and Early Board Books by Dr. Seuss

It’s never too early to start reading the classics to little babe!

This book set includes books like fox in socks, there’s a wocket in my pocket, and other favorites baby is sure to love. 


For Babies 3-6 months

For babies 3-6 months, the gifts can be a little more fun!


Water Playmat

These water mats are so fun for babies!

They’re full of water and toys for them to squish and play on.

I find them most suitable for babies who are starting to enjoy tummy time and can hold themselves up.

They’re a great stimulating sensory toy too.


Rotating Music Box

This music box is perfect for babies who are starting to chase after toys!

It rotates and really encourages movement.

Not to mention the sweet melody and colorful design.

Laugh & Learn Controller

Your little future gamer will love this toy!

While it might not keep them from grabbing the real thing, it sure is a fun toy.

It plays music, teaches letters and numbers, and even lights up.

Teether Keys

Little drooly babies will love these teether keys!

They double as something to chew on while teething and a fun toy to be like mommy.

You can even throw them in the freezer to soothe their gums when needed.


Activity Arms Octopus

This little octopus is two parts cute and three parts fun!

It’s a cute plush octopus with rattles, plush flash cards, and more.


For Babies 6-9 months

Press N’ Go Monster Truck

This toy is so fun for babies learning to crawl!

It features bright colors that look like a real monster.

Simply push on the top and watch it zoom across the floor as baby chases after it giggling away!

Float N’ Play Bubbles

These are great for bathtime!

They feature cute little animal toys inside a bubble that floats across the water.

They rattle, bobble, and spin – encouraging your little babe to grab after them.

They’re great for stimulating sight, touch, and sound.


Laugh & Learn Puppy

Remember when I talked about toys being versatile?

This is the ultimate example of that. Each button does something different and will quickly become their favorite.

It sings lots of songs, teaches new words, and so much more.

While it’s great when they’re little, they’ll be playing with this for years after, too.

Wooden Activity Triangle

While this toy is advertised for 10 months and up, I would argue it’s a great toy for babies even smaller.

It features bright colorful pieces and is a very engaging toy.

On one side, there are pictures that spin when you hit them.

On another, is an engaging picture with pieces that slide across.

It also features a mirror on another side! 


For Babies 9-12 months


Dimpl Baby Toy

This is so simple, yet so addicting for play.

It features colorful “dots” at varying sizes that baby can push through to the other side. 


Rollobie Baby Toy

Okay but why do I love this thing so much?

You twist the top to make it “go to sleep” or you can roll it on its belly to activate the rattle inside.

You’ll get lots of giggles out of this one!


Pound & Play Porcupine

It’s such a simple toy, but so fun for babies!

It features a porcupine with wooden pegs to pound with a little hammer.

It does wonders for their motor skills, that’s for sure.

Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

I am partial to push walkers, especially ones that have lots of engaging toys on the front.

Babies who are learning to walk will love this one!

It has lots of music, buttons, and even a toy phone. Mega Bloks Building Bag

While these are intended for an older age group, I’ve found that they are heavily played with from a young age.

Sure, they can’t exactly build a tower yet… but with the engaging colors, they find other ways to enjoy them.

They’re a very versatile toy too since they will continue to be played with as they grow!


4 Tips for Baby’s First Christmas

While Christmas gifts for babies are fun, they are not the only part of Christmas.

In order to have the best first Christmas, there are a few other things you’ll want to keep in mind.


Start some traditions

There are lots of ways to make baby’s first Christmas memorable.

Many families have traditions that are passed down from generation to generation, but there’s no reason to stop there!

Dream up some fun traditions to start of your own!


Some ideas to get you started might be:

  • Going for a drive on Christmas Eve to look at Christmas lights and decorations
  • Assembling a Christmas Eve box to open in the evening
  • Decorate gingerbread houses and sugar cookies
  • Send handwritten letters to Santa
  • Binge Christmas movies together
  • Utilize advent calendars you make or buy in the store

While some of these might be hard to include a tiny baby in, it’s a great idea to start now! As they get older, it’ll be a fun way to get into the spirit of Christmas.


Be mindful of your baby

Christmas can get really chaotic, so make sure you are mindful of your baby!

The last thing you want is a super cranky baby in the middle of Christmas.

Keep these things in mind:

  • Avoid throwing routines and schedules too out of whack
  • Pay attention to cues and signs that baby is hungry or tired
  • Make sure they’re fully rested and fed before leaving the house
  • Be prepared for anything baby experiences throughout the night


Don’t Over Commit

If this is your first baby, last year might have looked incredibly busy.

This year however, I encourage you not to over commit to anything you won’t be able to follow through with.

For example, try to postpone hosting a holiday party until your little babe is older as too much stimulation will make them very cranky.

Instead, maybe your sister can host and you’ll help with the cooking.

Tweak your usual Christmas routine as needed, and avoid over committing to things you can’t get out of if something comes up last minute. 


Enjoy the Moments

Last but not least – enjoy the little moments.

Avoid getting so caught up in Christmas that you forget to slow down and really enjoy how wonderful baby’s first Christmas is.


Final Thoughts

Baby’s first Christmas can leave you stumped for ideas, especially if they’re on the younger end.

The best thing you can do is find toys that are useful, versatile, and in your price range.

My absolute top favorites from this include the Piano Playmat, Laugh & Learn Controller, Press N’ Go Monster Truck, and the Pound & Play Porcupine.

While gifts are fun surrounding baby’s first Christmas, they’re not the only thing to focus on!

Consider starting some new traditions within your family that weren’t passed on.

Be mindful of your baby’s needs, try not to over commit during the holidays, and don’t forget to enjoy the little moments.

best christmas gifts for baby

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