How to get TONS of Free Baby Samples & other Goodies +Checklist

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Having a baby can get really expensive really fast. It even has a way of sneaking up on you. A baby item here, a baby item there. Eventually, you can get in so deep, it’s hard to claw your way out.

Have no fear!

Here is a comprehensive list of places you can get a bunch of free baby samples!

From free diapers to free formula we got you covered. Be sure to grab the printable list and check the items off as you go so you don’t miss any of the free samples!

grab your free baby samples checklist

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For the Best Free Samples, Start Signing up with Your Favorite Companies Email Lists

If you really like a particular product, go to the company website and sign up for their email. Companies are always sending out discount codes and coupons for their products.

If you register with them, and they start sending out freebies, you’ll want to be on that list.


Why Do Company’s Give Free Baby Samples Away Anyway?

First I want to clear any misconceptions you may have about getting free samples from company’s. Sometimes it can feel like people are trying to scam you.

I get it, we get bombarded with spam calls, spam emails! Lots of them trying to scam you out of money or information.

But the samples on this list are the real deal. Companies love giving away free samples because they believe that customers will love them. And once you love their product, your more likely to buy it.

So giving away samples, actually makes them money. Good for you, good for them.

So let’s get the freebie fun started!


Sign Up for Mom’s Meet

The first place to sign up for freebie and sampling goodness is Mom’s Meet. You can become a “Mom Ambassador” and get free samples sent to you in exchange for a review.

How it works is, you apply to the program. If you qualify, they’ll email you opportunities to sample certain products. They have a limited number of products with each sample, so you have to answer back fairly quickly.

Then if you like the product, you can leave a review and talk about it with your mom friends.

You can check out their site here: Mom’s Meet

Next up, getting samples from specific baby companies.


Companies to Get Free Diaper Samples

how to get free diaper samples

Huggies Diapers

As far as disposable diapers go, I love Huggies. Especially since the best place to buy this pack regularly on Amazon. It’s the only place I consistently find diapers for under 20 cents a piece for my baby. Sometimes they are as low as 15 cents a piece!!

Anyway back to freebie diapers.

At the Huggies website, you can sign up for Huggies Rewards. It’s basically a reward system for performing certain tasks. You earn “points” that can be redeemed for free diaper samples or even gift cards and free baby products.

The tasks are all pretty simple. You earn points when you buy diapers, refer friends to sign up for the rewards program and even just watching videos on their site and answering questions.


Honest Co.

You can get a “free” sample of diapers from the Honest co. The pack comes with 5 diapers and 10 wipes, but you do have to pay for shipping, which comes out to about 6 dollars.

However, these diapers are great quality and so stinkin cute!

I think this is a great pack to get for really cute little photos for your baby. Their diapers have cute designs and there are few things cuter than tiny baby butt’s in cute designer diapers.

However, regularly these diapers are pretty expensive. If you do sign up for their free diaper pack, make sure to cancel your membership before your 7 days. Otherwise, you’ll be charged for a monthly subscription fee for more diapers.

You can check out their sample pack here.


Pampers Rewards

Another way to get free diaper samples is to sign up for Pampers Rewards. It’s similar to the Huggies Rewards, in that you earn points, which translates into free diapers and various other baby products or gift cards.

It’s a good idea to sign up for each of the different diaper company rewards programs. This allows you to redeem easy points by scanning the barcodes of diapers you plan on purchasing anyway, then you can redeem them for free diapers!


Call the Big Diaper Companies and Ask

Another way to get free diapers is to call each of the big diaper companies and ask if they’ll send you free samples. Here are the best companies to try plus where to contact them:

Try the National Diaper Bank Network

If you are having a really hard time affording diapers, you can look into the program at the National Diaper Bank Network. 

Its mission is to help low-income families who can’t afford diapers, to get free diapers for their babies.

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How to Get Free Formula Samples for Your Baby

how to score free baby formula samples

Formula costs can add up to over $1000 in your baby’s first year! Getting a bit of formula for free can definitely help out.

Even if you’re breastfeeding, it’s a good idea to have some formula on hand. I always made sure to keep some in the pantry for “just in case.”

My main thought was, what if I just dropped dead?? How would my baby eat! I didn’t want someone having to run to the store for formula after hearing of my untimely death! (I try to be considerate.)

All jokes aside (kinda) you really should have some formula. If you are having a hospital birth, it’s very likely they’ll give you a can for free upon being discharged. Usually as part of a bon voyage gift, along with coupons and such.

But, here’s how to get companies to send you free formula samples!


Register with Formula Companies

When you register with these companies, many of them will send you free baby samples by mail! That means you get free formula sent straight to your doorstep! That’s a total win in my book.

The catch is you have to give them your email and mailing address, but it’s a small price to pay. Here are some of the more “giving” companies.



Enfamil has a whole welcome package they’ll ship to your door. It includes free formula samples and some cute little belly bandage stickers along with coupons and even rebates! (They state it’s a $400 value)

You can sign up for the package here: Enfamil Baby Formula Coupons


The Similac Strong Moms Program is very similar to the Enfamil welcome package. You’ll get a box mailed to your door containing samples, coupons and baby educational material. (They also state it’s a $400 value)

You can sign up for the package here: Similac Strong Moms Program



Once again, if you register for this company, they send you a welcome gift of formula samples and coupons! (They state the value of their welcome pack is $130)

You can register for Nestle here.



You can sign up for an account with Gerber, and you get access to coupons and exclusive offers given to their email list.

They don’t have an advertised welcome box like Similac or Enfamil, but moms have stated that they’ve gotten free samples when they asked. It’s worth a shot!


Natures One

This one is one of my favorite ways to get free formula samples. You simply go to Natures One and create an account.

Then check out their product lists. There’s a sample option in the size menu under each product. They’ll send you a full sized product as the sample (Whoo!), you just have to pay shipping.

They have lots of different formula options to choose from, and most are in the $25 value range for the price of shipping!



WIC, also known as the special supplemental nutrition program for Woman, Infants and Children, is a nutrition program for pregnant women and families with children under the age of 5.

It can families who qualify get free formula and afford healthy groceries. You can check out their program eligibility here.


Grab a Free Baby Sample Box

Free baby sample kit

There are places all over the internet where you can get baby freebies! You just gotta know where to look. Here are a few legit freebies we found that will mail you samples.


Everyday Family Mom Sampling Club

Everyday family is a parenting website that will send you a free sample box. You can sign up for various product samples after registering, and they’ll send you a free baby car seat/nursing cover too.

You sign up for your free sample box through their Mom Sampling Club Program.

You do have to pay shipping though.


Amazon Baby Registry Gift Box

If you create or have an amazon prime account, you can sign up for their Baby Registry Program. I personally used and loved their program.

They have any and everything, plus a 15% finishing discount. This applies to many postpartum and new mama items as well!

But, if you sign up for their baby registry program, they’ll send you a free baby welcome box.  A $35 value of surprise items. You also get 20% off of diapers and baby food items.

Since Amazon is the cheapest place to get diapers for me, this is a big deal for baby budget.

Sign up for Amazons Baby Registry to get your free welcome box.


Baby List Registry

Babylist is another baby registry that comes with a baby box welcome gift. After signing up and completing your registry they’ll send you that months baby welcome box. Each month appears to be different, but here’s a peek at the one they have for this month.

Learn more about their free baby box here.

Once again, you do pay shipping.



Walmart ALSO offers a welcome box when you set up a baby registry with them. You can check out Walmarts baby registry and sign up for more free samples.


Noobie Box

Noobie box is a subscription box service for new parents and baby’s. They offer a free pregnancy box when you create an account on their site and pay for shipping.

The great part about this one, you don’t have to create another registry!

You can check out everything in their sample box here.


Baby Box University

This is a brilliant idea to help created to help teach new parents about baby safety. The way it works, you sign up for an account, and then go through their online lessons to earn your reward.

Once you finish your lessons (it’s pretty short) you can then claim your free sample box!

The lessons are really good for new parents too!

You can check out the program here.

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Other Baby Freebies

Lastly, there are a bunch of brands that give their baby products hoping to get them in front of more moms. Here’s a list of various baby product shops that offer free products with the coupon codes.

The one catch….

You have to pay for shipping. (Always a catch!) And the shipping is on the higher side depending on where you are.

Honestly, after reviewing the products though, they are worth way more than you pay for the shipping, so they are still a great deal. (As long as you actually need/will use the product.)


Places That Offer Samples in Person

Of course, you may be too exhausted to go looking for more free stuff after finishing all of the above homework. However, don’t forget to take advantage of free stuff you can get while running your errands.

Here are few places that are likely to give you baby freebies.


Your Doctor’s Office

When your at your OBs office, make sure to ask your doctor and the staff if they have any free baby products. Vendors are always leaving samples at doctors offices in hopes to snag more customers with their products.

The staff will be more than happy to pass it along to you.


The Hospital

When you give birth, the hospital will already be giving you tons of stuff for you and your baby. Diapers, beanies, bottles. Be sure to ask for plenty and any extras when you get the chance.


Community Wellness Events

Keep a look out at what’s going on in your community. Sometimes you can find health fairs that have vendors. If you see these, drop in and take a look around. You may get lucky and find a few baby product booths that’ll gladly hand out baby samples.

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Baby freebies and samples by mail

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