Easily Create an Eco-Friendly Nursery Without Breaking the Bank

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When you’re planning a space for your baby and want an eco-friendly nursery without breaking your budget, keep things minimalistic.

“Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce” should be your mantra!

You’ll also want to avoid anything that is dangerous such as plastics, fire retardants, and so forth. After that, you’ll be able to create a functional and beautiful, green nursery that is also safe for your baby.

Here are our 8 tips for creating an eco-friendly nursery you and your baby will love.



1. Use Repurposed Furniture

You don’t need special baby furniture. Those “baby” dressers and changing table combos are not only wasteful but unnecessary. It also means you’ll have to be shopping again, that much sooner.

Instead, get a dresser that is waist high that you can put a changing pad on top of.

You can refinish it with some non-toxic paint, and you have a brand new, gorgeous looking piece of furniture they can use well throughout their lifetime.

You can find gently used furniture online on sites like craigslist or in facebook resale groups.

You can also go to your local thrift stores or resale shops. They even have specialty resale shops that are solely based on baby products.

I have also found some great items antique stores that were very affordable, although they weren’t really “antiques”.


2. Make Eco-friendly Furniture with Recycled Wood

If you’re going to make anything for your baby’s nursery, use recycled wood. You can often find good wood to use at the Restore or that is being used already in a different form.

Don’t be afraid to take something apart, clean it up, and put it back together differently.

This is a great way to get repurposed tables or shelving for you baby’s toys and books.


3. Buy a Handmade Crib

Buying a used crib is a good choice if you can find one that meets all your requirements. But likely someone local to you makes homemade wood cribs that are safe and work great.

Better yet, if you know someone handy, you could ask them to make it for your baby as a gift. A solid wood crib made properly can be very safe for your baby.


4. Go Organic

Any materials you use, including shades, curtains, mobiles and so forth should be made with organic materials to avoid additives that can set off gases that are dangerous to you and your baby.

You can often find these for resale online in natural mama groups on facebook.

The number one thing I recommend buy organic is your baby’s crib mattress. Your baby will be spending half of their time on this thing, and you don’t want them breathing in those chemicals.

A mattress like this one is GREENGAURD Gold Certified, which means it contains minimal VOC chemicals, and it’s a bit less expensive than a traditionally “organic” mattress.


5. Use No-VOC Paint In Your Eco-Friendly Nursery

When choosing a paint for your babies nursery, nontoxic paint is a MUST. According to the EPA VOCs are”

“Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids. VOCs include a variety of chemicals, some of which may have short- and long-term adverse health effects. Concentrations of many VOCs are consistently higher indoors (up to ten times higher) than outdoors. VOCs are emitted by a wide array of products numbering in the thousands.”

This can cause long term and short term health problems. They can emit from things like paint for years after the room has been painted.

You can get zero VOC paints that are non-toxic and antimicrobial to keep mold at bay.

This is the type of paint you want to use. Paint with fewer pigments also tend to be safer, so choose lighter colors over darker colors.

Some NO-VOC paint brands are:


6. Choose a Non-Toxic Rug

Many rugs contain fire retardants and other problems, especially used ones. You don’t want one of these rugs in your babies nursery.

When you do buy a rug, try to find an organic eco-friendly one that doesn’t have materials that are dangerous to the environment or your baby.

The baby will eventually be playing on the floor, and you’ll want to avoid them breathing in the gases released into the room from the glue or fabric of these rugs.

Some places you can get eco-friendly rugs are:


7. Buy Natural Organic Bedding

There are many choices for safe natural bedding that are cotton, flannel, or made with other natural fibers.

They are usually only a few dollars more and totally worth. Find out how they make them to discover how much water they use, what they do with the wastewater, and how long they last.

You want to buy bedding that is safe and lasts so it won’t have to be replaced.

You can find some fantastic organic baby bedding on Amazon


8. Only Buy What You Need

It’s easy to get carried away. But the truth is, you don’t need much in your baby’s room.

They need a crib, it’s nice to have a rocker, and a dresser that can double as a changing table to save your back. Plus, it’s nice to have blackout curtains or shades. Other than comfortable bedding, that’s really all you need.

Creating an eco-friendly nursery is all about using fewer materials, natural materials, and reusing materials. This will make your nursery both safe and beautiful, because it’s much easier to keep a room clean when there are fewer things in there.

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